Did you know that we can experience 3 types of stress?

Acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress.

Maybe you now think… 🤔 Isn’t there also something like positive stress?

Yes, there is! and that is actually called “excitement” and that is originating from a totally different source inside us.

Stress is a response to (perceived) danger and our Gut brain is activating the sympathetic nerve to take action. You could say stress is the response to the pressure we experience.

The most toxic one is chronic stress and by the way, episodic acute stress can become chronic if…

So what could that tell us over how we deal with the pandemic that is influencing our daily life and how we react on confinements, lockdowns and other restrictions. The continuous battle between the “I want or deserve” and the ‘WE need”

Let’s look at scientific proof of how the our inner instinct to survive (Gut Brain) will overrule our compassionate side (the Heart Brain) when there is a choice between compassion and following a selfish objective (even though the students of the Theological Seminary of Princeton, who carried out the research, said the results can be explained by compassion).

Lockdown and staying sane

As the coronavirus pandemic rapidly sweeps across the world, it is inducing a considerable degree of fear, worry and concern in the population at large and among certain groups in particular, such as older adults, care providers and people with underlying health conditions.

Then why is it that many of us fail to implement the World Health Organisation advices?

The short answer: Because we are programmed to resist change.

Meaning the most important question is besides how to stay safe is how to stay sane and change?

In public mental health terms, the main psychological impact to date is elevated…

In the Western world today, women are more able than ever to be who they want to be, instead of what society dictates they should be.

As recently as 50 years ago, women were expected to become homemakers and devote their lives to serving their husband and taking care of their children. In short, girls were taught that what mattered about them was how completely they were ruled by their Heart Brains. …

Did it ever happen to you although logically it was right you emotionally stayed away from the logical solution?

How is it possible that our beautiful amazing 100 trillion brains cells in our Head Brain are not able to overrule our emotions?

Maybe you do not know this but our emotions are dictated by two other Brains our Heart and Gut brain and those two communicate in emotions.

The Heart Brain in love, connection and hate and the Gut brain in survival, fight and flight.

As our head is the centrum of logic and reasoning you can see why it…

How many times have you been in conversation with a partner or loved one, and felt that you just couldn’t get through to them? You both understood the words, but neither of you was hearing the other? Like your brain was turned off. It’s frustrating. Disappointing. And it happens all the time.

How many times, after a conflict or disagreement, have you felt that it would have been different if you knew then what you came to understand later?

Why is it so hard to have a happy relationship? You would think that cutting-edge science would not be needed to…

decision making and our brains

Do you recognise this?

This morning when my alarm clock went off at 6am, I knew I ‘should’ get up so as not to be late for work, but I didn’t ‘want’ to get up. I tried to tell myself that I needed to get up, then realised my three Brains were competing in all this:

My Gut Brain wanted to go back to sleep (needed the rest). My Heart Brain was trying to kindly tell me that I really ought to get up.

I then said to those two, “Let’s see what the Head Brain is thinking,” and instantly…

how MEN & WOMEN do FIT Christoffel Sneijders

If I asked you how well you really understand your partner, I wonder what you would score on a scale from 1–10?

Honestly, higher or lower than an 8?

Of all the people I asked, more than 90% scored 8 or lower.

Many times in our lives, we fail to acknowledge our partners in the way we should — only because we fail to understand what they’re trying to tell us.

If you do some research on Google about how men and women think and what exactly they mean when they say certain things, you will find horrible stereotypes.

Men are, by and large, very simple creatures. They think about sex, food and sleep almost always and they will say everything and…

Christoffel Sneijders

Working as a executive coach, visiting professor at theIE Business School and Clinical Hypnotherapist /Psychotherapist

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