Did it ever happen to you although logically it was right you emotionally stayed away from the logical solution?

How is it possible that our beautiful amazing 100 trillion brains cells in our Head Brain are not able to overrule our emotions?

Maybe you do not know this but our…

how MEN & WOMEN do FIT Christoffel Sneijders

If I asked you how well you really understand your partner, I wonder what you would score on a scale from 1–10?

Honestly, higher or lower than an 8?

Of all the people I asked, more than 90% scored 8 or lower.

Many times in our lives, we fail to acknowledge our partners in the way we should — only because we fail to understand what they’re trying to tell us.


Christoffel Sneijders

Working as a executive coach, visiting professor at theIE Business School and Clinical Hypnotherapist /Psychotherapist

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